Lou Black

Lou Black’s background is unusual to say the least. He is a Peruvian born
singer/songwriter, UK educated statistician/researcher, a published author in several fields, and former soothsayer to Fortune 500 companies. His debut album has been
described by the press as “sophisticated global pop” and “one of the best in the
singer songwriter genre,” but Lou Black describes his music as “subversive songs of
social commentary and personal struggle.”

His self-produced album, “City of No Winters,” has garnered positive praise from music critics and airplay on university & public AAA radio stations (over 250 broadcast stations and 21 countries), along with numerous internet radio stations. His music combines Western pop music with African and South American rhythms while his lyrics communicate social & political issues, and tales of alienation, interpersonal conflict and despair. From an upbeat dance song about war torn Yugoslavia to a story of South African apartheid era poverty disguised as a love ballad to song about a man so losing his faith in god and men. “I strive to distinguish myself from mass produced commercial radio music,” says Lou, “so I design my music to be subversive with memorable melodies on the surface and thoughtful messages behind the scenes.” The press has referred to his album as “sophisticated global pop” and has called his work “the best in the singer/songwriter genre.” Lou Black’s Hometowns: “I have lived in Lima Peru, Montreal Canada, St. Louis MO (multiple towns), Boston MA, Ann Arbor MI, London UK, NYC, New Jersey, Pittsburgh PA, Chicago IL, Dallas TX, and Arlington VA…whew.